HADQAH was founded based on love, passion and the need for the world of brands and photography. Because we believe that brands, photography and creators need to be able to convey their creativity and perceptions through a professional and enjoyable experience, by providing all the full professional means, as well as products that meet all their needs.

Our Mission

We’d love to convey our mission, which lies in enabling and giving all desired by the media industry, and creative people and providing them with a comfortable and enjoyable professional experience by HADQAH space that specially designed for them and support it with all the necessary equipment.


Here at HADQAH, you’ll be able to shoot in the best photo studio in Riyadh has on offer.

HADQAH offers a massive 3-Cyclorama photo studio where photographers can use our full and professional equipment that comes with the space as well as more intimate settings can be utlized such as professional headshots, fashion and makeup shoots, and most product photography. . In addition, the shooting area is surrounded by additional amenities that include a vast meeting area for reviewing work, a dressing room, hair and makeup room, service kitchen, living room, and 2 private restrooms.